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Episode 86


  1. Just a little advice from a viewer, i think that the show would be exceptionally exciting if it began to exhibit interviews beyond the "extracurricular" life samoa has to offer. It would be appreciated to know what the government officials have to say about the way that samoa is being conducted. Since the tsunami, news and allegations here in america about how the government invested their finances really agitated the american-samoans like myself. So therefore, it would be nice to hear what the officials and also residents of samoa itself have to say, are there any ways that samoa can better their government? being that the media is not in their favor. Do the samoan people agree with how samoa is being governed? Are there any updates on the upcoming election? Can in anyway, this election make a better and bigger difference in samoa? not only for the economical side of this matter but also being in favor for the people. Hope to see more excelling shows to come. Stay blessed, with love from californias concerned samoan :)

  2. sad to see how some young people in american samoa do not appreciate the beautiful talents coming out of the islands..:) i miss home..


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