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It's been a long journey but it's now come to an end. Thank you all who supported the show over the years.

Episode 90


  1. love this show!!! ppl in Upolu are more entertaining than ppl in Am. Samoa. But Good job covering the concert FNS. Keep up the gud work! Thank you for making it possible for us to see a piece of home from abroad.. Manuia lava le 50th tausaga a le malo tuto'atasi a Samoa!! Happy Birthday Samoa!! 1luv

  2. ^^we are of the same people!! Aidodoko!!

  3. My Uso J-smooth, choooohooohoo, its about time bro, malo lava le uso, amuia oe ua e maimoa i le UB40. Thanks to you and the flight night crew for covering the 50th Annivessary. Samoa mo Samoa. Keep it coming J-smooth....Flight night Lets go Baby!!!


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