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Episode 91


  1. Best episode ever w/my wife & daughter & our family from Aua & Leone. Thanks Frederich for hooking up the interview. Flight Night - Let's GO

  2. i loooveee flight night ♥ since i was in episode 35 ; it has caught my attention for ages . (;

    1. correction . episode 36* ♥ Funky Representsss ..

  3. Awwwww love to my sister-in-law Lisa and all my nieces Aisa, Pauline, Timena, Jojo, Suli, and Seta. It is so nice to see your beautiful faces on flight night and can't wait to see Pauline and Timena tomorrow YAY!! Pauline you're the bomb and you got major brownie points for makin me the fave aunty haha! (smart girl!) *Hugs and kisses* for you all and also to Leone and Katie... missed ur chance on flight night! Love from AZ!!

  4. LOL @ PavaHOOOOOd.

  5. Love from Vegas. This is what we watch every time. Best episode.


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